CERN summer students at CMS

Guest post by Aamir, Aidan, Brian, Paula and Silke

24 August, 2022

The GEMs of the Italian High School Student Internship Programme

Guest post by Brendan Regnery and Giovanni Mocellin

21 July, 2022

Higgsy: Let’s go for the Higgs hunt!

Guest post by Kirill Skovpen

01 July, 2022

High-school students “connect Quarks with the Cosmos” using CMS heavy ion open data

Guest post by L. Alcerro, GK Krintiras, and C. Royon, The University of Kansas

15 December, 2021

What's a splash event?

Guest post by Federica Baldassari

24 October, 2021
24 October, 2021