CMS Pixel Tracker removed in preparation for installation of its upgrade


One half of the CMS Barrel Pixel (BPIX) detector being lifted to the surface from the underground experimental cavern. Photo - Erik Butz

The CMS detector is a living entity, with upgrades to its components planned many years in advance. One such upgrade is to the CMS Tracker’s inner element — the Pixel detector. The original Pixel detector was made of three layers in the central or barrel region and two layers in each of the so-called “forward disks" regions on either side of the barrel. The new Pixel detector has four layers in the barrel region and three disks in each of the forward regions for greater precision in making measurements. It will be installed in the coming weeks. To prepare for this installation, the older Pixel detector needed to be removed. The forward disks were removed last week and the barrel layers were removed on Monday, 23 January. The slideshow below shows some pictures from this week’s removal of the Barrel Pixel (BPIX) detector, which was then taken to a storage facility on the surface.

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