Big Bang video wins international competition

A stop motion animation video on the Big Bang theory, created by pupils of the 3rd Primary School of Chios, Greece, under the guidance of primary teacher Despoina Armenaki (pictured below) has won an international competition on creating an educational video on astronomy. The competition was held by the OAD project "Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL". The project aims to promote inclusive astronomy education. A total of 46 entries were received from six countries around the world. Out of five finalists, two winners were selected in the end, among which was the 3rd Primary School of Chios, Greece.

Primary school teacher Despoina Armenaki during a Playing with Protons training course at CERN’s IdeaSquare in August 2016. Image credit – Sophia Bennett/CERN

The school is part of Playing with Protons, an education programme led by CMS, bringing together primary school teachers, science education specialists and CERN researchers to develop creative approaches to helping all primary students engage effectively in physics, discovery and innovation. Over the last two years, Playing with Protons has trained 30 primary teachers from Greece and the UK at CERN’s IdeaSquare and has also built teacher communities of practice, whereby more than 3,000 primary students in the two countries have been introduced to physics (and science in general) through hands-on, creative experimentation with everyday materials. The programme is supported by the CREATIONS EU project.

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