Higgs - not yet flipping

"Yesterday's sensation is today's calibration." - R. P. Feynman
"...and tomorrow's background." - V. L. Telegdi

One of the interesting things about finding a new particle is how much you can learn about it: from the manifold theory predictions for the Higgs boson that brought the Nobel Prize of 2013 to François Englert and Peter Higgs we have barely scratched the experimental surface.

The last of the single tops

Recently the Tevatron reported the observation of the production of single top quarks in the s-channel. Last Tuesday there was a very interesting seminar at CERN presenting the results that also was a nice overview on the timeline of single top physics at the Tevatron. This discovery is a big deal. The s-channel was the last one still to be observed from the three main single-top production modes, the other two being the t-channel and the tW associated production .


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