Science and Art combine at the International School of Geneva

Guest post by Angelos Alexopoulos

Photo credit - Stella Tsikrika

From April to June 2015, thirteen 17-year-old high-school students of the International School of Geneva (ECOLINT) took part in a science-and-art project in collaboration with art@CMS. Under the guidance of art educator Stephen Preece and the art@CMS team, the students not only gained understanding of how science and particle physics work at CMS and CERN but they also applied this knowledge creatively and imaginatively to practice by developing original artworks using a variety of media. The artworks were then exhibited in the Centre des Arts of ECOLINT in Geneva on 17 June 2015. Selected artworks are now part of the art@CMS travelling exhibition so that other students from around the world can get inspired and motivated to come up with something new and beautiful!

The video below shows the fruits of their work and also documents how the students lived their creative experience with the science-and-art project. Enjoy!

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