Visit CMS through the Power of the Internet

Each year, CERN welcomes around 100,000 visitors onsite. Many of these visitors take a short trip from the laboratory's main site in Meyrin to the French commune of Cessy to see one of humankind's modern scientific marvels: the CMS detector. The 14000-tonne detector is located in a vast cavern around 100 metres (or about 30 storeys) underground, with an adjacent cavern housing several data-collection and power-distribution devices.

However, we know that not everybody can visit us in person. This is where CMS Virtual Visits come to your aid. With just a computer connected to the internet, equipped with a webcam and two-way sound, you can participate in a guided virtual tour of the CMS experimental facilities.

The virtual visits are offered to groups of students and teachers as well as exhibition and event organisers. To sign up, fill in this form.

In the past, CMS Virtual Visits have taken remote visitors from Bulgaria, Greece and the US, Spain and other places on tours of the CMS underground caverns.

Virtual visits are also organised through the Open Discovery Space network – a multilingual open-learning infrastructure.

Check out the trailer below to find out what’s in store for you on your CMS Virtual Visit.

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